Male Resident for Young Adults (Full-time)

Job Family



Spiritual Life

Reports to

Director of Young Adult Ministry

Time Requirements

Full Time



PCPC Mission

To extend the transforming presence of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in Dallas and to the world.

Job Family

Two-year residency to learn and develop the skills needed to minister effectively to young adults in the church and community at large. Disciples and equips young adults within PCPC and focuses on outreach via the Gym Ministry. May provide other support services related to the Alpha Ministry.

Purpose of Job

Provide ministry leadership and lead young adults (ages 22-35) with an emphasis devoted to the shepherding and discipleship of young adult men. Implement strategy, direction, and objectives set by the Director of Young Adults and in collaboration with the Young Adult Women’s Ministry Leader. Teach, shepherd, mentor, equip, and disciple young men in the PCPC Young Adults Ministry. Focus on developing outreach via the Gym Ministry. Contribute to integrated team outcomes. Perform all PCPC work for the glory of God.

Individual Job Responsibilities

Abide in Christ

  • Dependent, abiding relationship with Christ personally expressed through the Five Statements of Identity

Ministry Leadership (10% or 5 hours)

  • Meet with Director of Young Adults regularly for personal growth, training, support, and ministry planning
  • Pursue personal growth, theological understanding and ministry assessment
  • Complete all tasks and fulfill assigned responsibilities

Ministry Outreach (40% or 15 hours)

  • Build intentional relationships via the gym ministry
  • Facilitate connection of unchurched young adults to the church through gym ministry
  • Integrate new men into the young adult ministry and into the broader body of Christ at PCPC

Shepherding (40% or 15 hours)

  • Disciple and shepherd young adult men at PCPC
  • Co-lead a young adult group at Tuesday Morning Men’s Bible Study
  • Work with the Young Adult team to engage male young adults through Sunday Morning Communities
  • Help connect male young adults to various ministry and community opportunities within and outside of PCPC

Equipping (10% or 5 hours)

  • Equip young adults in using their gifts to serve the church, the city, and the world

Education and Experienced Preferred

College degree; ministry experience as a staff member or volunteer; Biblical, reformed theology education preferred, but not required. Seminary preferred, but not required.

Job Complexity

  • Job requires a highly relational individual who can connect young adult men to the life of PCPC through Sunday Morning Communities, Tuesday Morning Men’s Bible Study, and the Gym Ministry.
  • Position requires the ability to communicate clearly and effectively with people from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and within the age demographic of young adults.
  • Must have knowledge of and understand the responsibilities of the Young Adult Ministry at PCPC.

Work Environment

  • Work is based on relationships and needs of Young Adult Ministry
  • Varied office hours and days determined by Director of Young Adults Ministry (40 hrs/wk)
  • Highly relational and people intensive
  • Christ-centered

How to apply

Please email your cover letter and resume to Please note the job for which you are applying in the email. Thank you.