Senior Admin Assistant for City Missions and Diaconate (Full-time)

Job Family

Senior Administrative Assistant


City Missions

Reports to

Senior Director of City Missions

Time Requirements

Full Time



PCPC Mission

To extend the transforming presence of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in Dallas and to the world.

Job Family

Scope encompasses a department or ministry area with large staff. Performs directed and self-initiated tasks for a department or ministry. Provides coordination and administrative services for the ministry/department leader as well as for the department as a whole. High level of critical thinking and judgment. Advanced proficiencies required in competencies.

Purpose of Job

Provide administrative, financial and process-oriented support services for Senior Director of City Missions and Mercy Ministries including City Missions Committees, Executive Diaconate and Diaconate, Frontline Ministry. Support strategic work and perform tactical duties. Perform all PCPC work to the glory of God.

Individual Job Responsibilities


  • Dependent, abiding relationship with Christ personally expressed through the Five Statements of Identity.


  • Assist Senior Director of City Missions and Mercy ministries with administrative duties including composing letters, planning and scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements, setting appointments. Reconcile monthly credit card statement and give prompt attention to vendor invoices. Submit director’s mileage report in a timely manner.
  • Coordinate the preparation and dissemination of highly sensitive and confidential materials and documents.
  • Skillfully manage requests and complaints. Respond to questions and resolve issues that arise during daily operations of the ministry.
  • Facilitate clear communication at all levels.
  • Model the tone for team behavior and culture with staff and others; present a professional image.
  • Exhibit a significant degree of independence and accountability for results.
  • Pursue spiritual and professional development.


  • Provide administrative assistance for the City Missions Committee, and various sub-committees (i.e. Christmas Boxes, etc.). Attend meetings; provide input from historical perspective.
  • Provide support and assistance in preparation of annual City Missions budget.
  • Participate in special projects, events and programs sponsored by City Missions and/or ministry partners.


  • Coordinate administrative assistance for the Executive Diaconate. Prepare agendas and handouts for Executive Diaconate. Attend meetings, take minutes and follow up as required. Serve as primary staff contact for the Executive Diaconate.
  • Coordinate administrative assistance for the Diaconate. Prepare agendas and handouts/packets. Proof minutes and follow up as required. Serve as primary staff contact for Diaconate. Administer the receipt and dissemination of highly sensitive and confidential documents and materials. Provide Diaconate minutes to Executive Assistant to Executive Director for inclusion in Session packets.
  • Prepare and distribute Diaconate directory annually during Diaconate transition.
  • Coordinate database updates during annual Diaconate transition and when contact information changes throughout the year.
  • Coordinate database reports as needed.
  • Provide support and assistance in preparation of annual Diaconate budget. Monitor Diaconate budget balances and report on budget status for expense control as needed.
  • Coordinate special projects and programs (i.e. Diaconate retreat, fellowship dinner, etc.). Assist with promotion and decorating as needed. Provide online registration when applicable and track attendance.
  • Jointly coordinate with pastoral care annual poinsettia deliveries. Design and order cards to be distributed with poinsettias. Issue check request for payment of poinsettias. Meet delivery person and unload poinsettias day of delivery. Provide instructions for deacons who deliver poinsettias to PCPC members. Arrange for delivery of any undelivered poinsettias.
  • Submit benevolence requests to Diaconate for approval, track votes and report results to pastoral care for appropriate processing.
  • Coordinate Diaconate parking schedules. Prepare rotating monthly parking schedule and distribute to deacons. Send weekly reminders to those who have parking duty. Coordinate parking swaps.
  • Assist Pastoral Care with 24/7 prayer assignments as needed.
  • Assist Pastoral Care with Helping Hands ministry as needed.
  • Assist Pastoral Care with Care Clusters as needed.


  • Provide administrative support for the church-wide welcoming, greeting and hospitality ministry with Diaconate oversight. Work with Frontline leadership as needed to refine processes. Set up list of volunteers in the database and maintain the data needed to support Frontline. Send weekly reminder emails to volunteers.
  • Collect friendship pads/attendance sheets (located in sanctuary) on first workday of each week. Sort membership and visitor sheets by worship services and specified criteria (i.e. first time, repeat, out of town). Provide membership and visitor sheets to database for input.

Education and Experienced Required

College degree preferred. Five years related work experience or equivalent required. Proficient in Microsoft Office. Proficient in Ministry Platform database or willing to learn and become proficient. PCPC member preferred but not required.

Job Complexity

  • Must understand the role of City Missions, the Diaconate, and how these interfaces with and impact other departments and ministries.
  • Interact with lay leaders, church members and staff.
  • Work requires initiative, detail orientation, dedication to accuracy and multi-tasking.

Work Environment

  • Normal office and church environment
  • Primarily standard office hours and days. One evening meeting per month. Occasional weekend events.
  • Highly relational and people intensive
  • High volume workload
  • Christ-centered

How to apply

Please email your cover letter and resume to Please note the job for which you are applying in the email. Thank you.