Coordinator for Brent Baker & Youth Ministry (Full-time)

Job Family



Youth Ministry

Reports to

Assistant Pastor - Youth Ministry

Time Requirements

Full Time



PCPC Mission

To extend the transforming presence of the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ in Dallas and to the world.

Job Family

Ministry driven; heavily interfaces with membership and coordinates volunteer schedules; high level of activity and people-facilitation.  Plans, directs, organizes and coordinates resources for activities, processes, projects and/or events for department/ministry area. Advanced people/solid database skills.

Purpose of Job

Coordinate and organize process, training, projects and events for Youth. Provide administrative and support services for Youth leadership. Includes assisting a staff of 10-14 people. Strategically coordinate functions necessary to facilitate ministry and outreach within the different departments of the Youth Ministry. Support strategic work and perform tactical duties. Perform all PCPC work to the glory of God.

Individual Job Responsibilities

(25%) Administrative

  • Assist Director of Youth Ministry in defining vision for the Youth Ministry and implementing vision
  • Coordinate Director of Youth Ministry’s schedule and assist with any special projects or tasks
  • Maintain and update data in Arena church database for Youth Ministry
  • Perform administrative support duties including typing, copying, filing, scanning, scheduling meetings, reserving rooms, making travel arrangements and setting appointments
  • Serve as contact person for Youth Ministry
  • Coordinate flow of resources and activities within the Youth Ministry
  • Maintain and update weekly/monthly/annual “playbook” task and process list
  • Prepare and disseminate confidential documents and information for Youth Ministry leadership
  • Support ministry committee by reserving rooms, preparing handouts, generating reports, maintaining a committee roster, attending meetings, preparing and disseminating minutes
  • Generate reports required to support Youth Ministry goals
  • Coordinate youth office area and supplies in youth workroom
  • Help with any machines that are broken or have an error

(25%) Coordination: Event/Trip Planning & Oversight

  • Assist with the planning and organization of trips/events for the Youth Ministry. Coordinate the details and organization in the planning process.
  • Attend Florida trip as coordinator, which includes trip/event coordination, facilitation, and volunteer care (i.e., stock and set up hospitality room at the hotel, coordinate transportation to and from airport for volunteers and youth attendees, coordinate any alternative travel and anything the volunteers may need during the trip, etc.)
  • Serve as point person for major events/trips
  • Assist in planning and coordinating special events (i.e., reserving facilities, buses, collecting and organizing materials, etc.)

(15%) Coordination: Communication - External to Youth Staff

  • Facilitate communication with parents of children in ministry via phone calls, emails, etc. Send out weekly email announcements for each area of the Youth Ministry.
  • Coordinate the publishing of Youth Ministry events in PCPC publications and on websites with the Communications department
  • Create publicity for each event including brochures, fliers, mail-outs, posters, banners, and sign-up sheets
  • Respond to routine questions that arise during daily operations of the ministry

(10%) Coordination: Communication - Internal to Youth Staff

  • Assist in managing a youth staff of 10–14 people
  • Forecast problems and create a strategy to solve the problems
  • Facilitate clear communication with staff regarding all staff events, Youth Ministry staff events, etc

(10%) Coordination: Intern/Resident New Hire Process and Training

  • Facilitate Intern/Resident candidates and new hire process in partnership with Human Resources
  • Aid in the training and acclimation process for new members to the Youth Ministry team
  • Provide instruction, training, specialized knowledge specific to the Youth Ministry to new employees
  • Along with Youth Ministry leadership team, annually review and update Resident Manual

(15%) Financial Management

  • Administratively support Youth Ministry budget
  • Monitor department budget balances and report on budget status for expense control
  • Provide support in preparation of annual budget
  • Reconcile monthly credit card statement and give prompt attention to vendor invoices
  • Assist youth staff with weekly credit card reconciliations and reimbursements
  • Manage Nexonia, the credit card reconciliation and reimbursement software
  • Prepare check requests for events

Education and Experienced Preferred

  • College degree preferred. Five years administration/coordination experience including projects and events preferred. Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Ministry Platform Church Management System (database) preferred.

Job Complexity

  • Must understand the role of the Youth Ministry and how it interfaces with and impacts other departments and ministries
  • Ability to coordinate Youth Director’s schedule, schedule of 10–14 staff members, and schedule of three separate ministries within the Youth Ministry
  • Requires great interpersonal skills while interacting and organizing a large team
  • Area of work enhances ministry opportunity by coordinating workflow/resources through a project management approach and resourcefulness with detail orientation and dedication to accuracy
  • Heavy involvement with staff, lay leaders/volunteers, church members, and visitors
  • Work has 12-month planning and budget focus with alignment with goals

Work Environment

Due to Youth Ministry culture and environment:

  • Highly relational and people intensive
  • Standard and non-standard office hours/days (40 hours/week)
  • Ability to be reached anytime in case of a problem or emergency (4–5 times a month, Feb to Aug)
  • Process and/or project driven workload
  • Christ-centered

How to apply

Please email your cover letter and resume to Please note the job for which you are applying in the email. Thank you.